Legal Profession in Albania


What is the background of the legal profession?

The legal profession in Albania dates back before the creation of the Albanian State, on 28.11.1912, during the Ottoman Empire in 19th Century. However, the main qualitative developments of the legal profession were reached after the years’ 20 of the last century in the period of the Albanian Monarcy. After the Second World War until the year 1967, the role of the legal profession was unsignificant, due to the fact that the justice sector, including the judicial branch was under the complete control of the single communist party in power. The legal profession was abolished by law in 1967, while attorneys at law were substituded by legal offices, representing in the court only the cases of the minors or persons accused for the criminal offences punished by law with death penalty.

It was not until the constitutional reforms which took place after the collapse of Communism that lawyers were permitted to practice again (from 1990). However, the approval of a comprehensive legal framework and the creation of the managing structures have been completed only in the year 2003 and after (The Law no. 9109, dated 17 July 2003 “On the Legal Profession in the Republic of Albania”, as amended; the Statute of the National Chamber of Advocacy approved in April 10, 2005 by the General Council of the National Chamber of Advocacy; and the Code of Ethics of Advocates approved by the General Council’s decision No. 31, dated November 12, 2005;

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