I. The environment protection according the Albanian legal framework and governmental strategies and policies

Environmental protection constitutes a national priority for the country and is obligatory for all physical or legal entities, national or foreign one, that perform their activity in the Albanian territory. The environment protection as an important state topic has been provided by the Albanian legal framework and is incorporated in the governmental strategies and policies of development. The need to protect the environment is primary provided by the Albanian Constitution, which clearly specify the importance of the environmental issues, in particular articles 56 and 59. These articles emphasize the right of citizens to be informed on the status and the protection of the environment, the obligation of the state to provide a healthy environment for its citizens and the future generations as also the rational exploitation of the natural components and resources by means of a sustainable development. Meanwhile, Albania has ratified the Agreement for Stabilization and Association, an according to this agreement has the obligation to approximate the national legal framework with that of the European Union. As a result, our legal framework concerning the environmental and industry issues has been lately drafted in compliance with the European policies regarding these issues. On the other hand, Albania has also ratified, by being a member of, international conventions and treaties in relation with such issue.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013 17:41
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