Basic Aspects of Albanian Law


Which is the legal framework regulating the right of inheritance in the Republic of Albania?

The Albanian legal landscape concerning inheritance appears to be rather specific as compared to that of other European countries due to the fact that, as a result of the production systems, over a short period of time (70 to 80 years) legislation has been made subject to major changes, with such situation surrounding the family law to the same measure. In addition to this, what is particular about Albania regards recognition and application of a number of other laws concerning property right, including the one concerning land of 1991, the selling and purchasing of public property - dwellings, shops - of 1992, and most importantly, that of 1993 and subsequently, which helped redeem the rights denied by the totalitarian State between 1945 and 1990. In Albania, the following contain references to the right of inheritance:

  • Constitution of the Republic of Albania, approved by Law No 8417 of 21 October 1998.
  • International laws concerning the private right, and particularly, the right of inheritance, adhered to and ratified by Albania.
  • Civil Code of 1994, approved by Law No 7850 of 29 July1994, as amended by Law No 8115 of 29 March 1996; by Law No 8536 of 18 October 1996; and by Law No 8781 of 3 May 2001; abrogated Civil Codes.

Other laws that may cover the right of inheritance:

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Which is the legal base of “Torts”?

The general provisions (base) related to obligations resulting from the causing of damage and therefore those related with the right to ask for damage compensation, are provided in the Civil Code of Albanian Republic, Part IV, Title IV, Chapter I-III of the Code (Articles 608-647). In specific cases, for example when the damage resulted from transport accident and has certain consequences like personal injury or death, then compensation for the damage caused is awarded according to the Rules of the Financial Supervisory Authority “For treatment of damages covered by compulsory insurance contracts in the transport sector” issued by law no. 10076 dated 12.02.2009“On compulsory insurance in the transport sector.

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