Labour Force

Albania offers a highly skilled labour force and one of the lowest labour costs in the region. Labor relations between employee and employer are regulated by individual employment contracts pursuant to the Labor Code of the Republic of Albania and Law no. 8549, dated 11.11.1999 “On the Status of the Civil Employee”.

Labor cost

  • ƒƒ As for 1st of August 2012, the minimum wage in Albania is 21,000 ALL (approx. 153 Euro);
  • ƒƒ Social insurance is 27.9% of the gross salary, with the employer paying 16.7% and the employee 11.2%;
  • ƒƒ The average wage (public and private sector) is 36,075 ALL (approx. 260 Euro).

The state supports employers who employ the young generation up to 24 years old and females of special groups.

Employment structure by sectors:

The employment structure by sectors refers that during the period of years 2010 - 2012:

  • ƒƒ 17.8% of the employees are employed in the public sector;
  • ƒƒ 27.6 % of the employees are employed in the non-agricultural private sector;
  • ƒƒ 54.6 % of the employees are employed in the agricultural private sector.

Albania adheres to all basic international labor organization conventions protecting worker rights.

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