Marinela Jazoj

Executive Director of FIAA

Albania is undergoing big reforms in the ambit of the country’s EU integration process. As indicated in the latest statistical reports the economy will relatively survive the crisis, by expecting a slight GDP growth in the region of 2 per cent.

Albanian Government is trying hard to keep the focus on the priority sectors by undertaking several sectoral reforms, legal and institutional reforms that will likely give comfort to investors and business community to look with interest in the Albanian market.

We believe that improvement of business environment encourages investors reinvest their profit in Albania and consequently offer more employment opportunity to Albanian citizens.

Anyone aiming at investing overseas would need to have a clear understanding of the legal and fiscal environment in the respective hosting country. In this context, we consider the ALBANIA LAW DIGEST as a very useful tool that will help potential investors to know more than what is publicly available in various websites about the legal and regulatory framework in Albania.

The fact that ALBANIA LAW DIGEST is relying on contributions of several prominent local legal and fiscal experts, is an added value and guarantee that this first edition of ALBANIA LAW DIGEST will be received well.

Finally, I present my compliments to NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI Group for this excellent initiative and hope to further our cooperation in the future.

GREEK LAW DIGEST REPUBLIC OF ALBANIA MINISTRY OF INTEGRATION Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Albania
Nomiki Bibliothiki ALBANIA INVESTMENT DEVELOPMENT AGENCY Foreign Investors Association of Albania



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