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Business people around the world are very well aware that in order to successively realize an investment they need to get adequate and thorough legal support with a view to ensure that their investment is legally shielded. Hence, foreign investors need to have access to accurate information and receive to the point legal advice from long experienced legal professionals who systematically read, interpret and apply the laws and regulations of the hosting country.

Αlbania is a country which comprises location, market access and valuable economic and human resources, offering thus substantial business opportunities for investors, who seek to achieve long term business success. In the heart of the Mediterranean, on the Adriatic Sea, Albania is fast becoming one of the world’s most interesting gateways.

There is no doubt, especially in our days, that in order to boost growth and development, a country has to intensify the efforts to improve its development model with special concern to improve the environment for foreign investment and, at the same time, not losing sight of longterm competitiveness fundamentals.

The ALBANIA LAW DIGEST intends to serve as a one-stop reference guide, giving investors a comprehensive tool to understand the Albanian legal regulatory framework. Written by top qualified and experienced Albanian lawyers and legal counsels, this guide provides practical and comprehensive legal advice on major regulatory and legal aspects that an investment in Albania may entail.

ALBANIA LAW DIGEST is the third legal investment guide that is published after the initiative of NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI. After the noteworthy success of the GREEK LAW DIGEST and the CYPRUS LAW DIGEST, we are glad to present ALBANIA LAW DIGEST, hoping that it will serve its role as valuable tool for foreign business people.

I would hereby like to express my sincere gratitude to the Minister of Integration, Mrs Majlinda Bregu, the Chief Executive Officer of the Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA), Mr Eneida Guria, the Chairman of the Union of Chambers of Commerce & Industry of Albania (UCCIAL), Mr Ilir Zhilla and the Executive Director of the Foreign Investors Association of Albania (FIAA), Mrs Marinela Jazoj for the great honor they made to put the ALBANIA LAW DIGEST under their auspices supporting us thereby to the highest degree. I also thank them for the supportive and kind forewords with which they provided this Work.

GREEK LAW DIGEST REPUBLIC OF ALBANIA MINISTRY OF INTEGRATION Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Albania
Nomiki Bibliothiki ALBANIA INVESTMENT DEVELOPMENT AGENCY Foreign Investors Association of Albania



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