Majlinda Bregu

Minister of Integration

The Ministry of Integration has the pleasure to be part of this initiative by Nomiki Bibliothiki SA and Albanian Investment Development Agency for the publishing of a legal guide for persons and companies interested in investing in Albania. I strongly believe that ALBANIA LAW DIGEST - The Ultimate Legal Guide to investing in Albania provides a comprehensive overview of the Albanian business legislation and is very helpful to potential investors and to the advancement of foreign investments in our country.

Foreign direct investment is essential to economic revitalization. The significant progress in the legal and institutional reforms in recent years led to a substantial increase in foreign investment. The success of the Albanian economy is attributed to the creative energy and investing courage of the business, as well as to major economic, fiscal and institutional reforms launched by the government that really improved the business climate, encouraged private investments, reduced administrative costs and corruption, introduced fiscal facilities and fairness, opened the markets and strengthened fair competition.

Improvement of business climate and increase of foreign investments is one of the requirements of the European integration process. By fulfilling the bulk of the Copenhagen Criteria, Albania has shown it is determined to move forward with the reforms and considers EU membership a top national priority. The reforms are challenging and we are undertaking them to improve the life of Albanian citizens. The Integration Process established a new and encouraging result-oriented philosophy. It helps Albania not only to cope with the challenges of then EU integration, but also to take further important steps in the consolidation of democracy and the establishment of a functional market economy and a strong legal system.

In this view, Albania maintained a good macroeconomic stability with revenue collection performing quite well with the 10% flat tax. Economic growth in these times of crisis was positive. GDP increased by 13.4% in the last few years. The number of new businesses reached 56 thousand in the last 6 years. Costs of business registration used to be 3000 USD and 22 working days, but in the last 6 years it takes only 0.75 USD and 24 hours. Today, Albania is a country of e-tax, e-customs, e-university admissions, e-business registration, e-civil registration. Salaries and pensions were increased by 100-150%. Government investment in 10,000 km of national roads are giving a strong impetus to regional development.

I would like to emphasize that the initiative of publishing ALBANIA LAW DIGEST - The Ultimate Legal Guide to investing in Albania is consistent with the vision and reforms implemented by the Albanian government to further improve the business climate and promote foreign investments.

With my conviction that this guide will be useful not only to the business community and investors, but also to law experts and students, I would like to note that the Ministry of Integration is always open to support initiatives that promote the business climate and investments in Albania.

GREEK LAW DIGEST REPUBLIC OF ALBANIA MINISTRY OF INTEGRATION Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Albania
Nomiki Bibliothiki ALBANIA INVESTMENT DEVELOPMENT AGENCY Foreign Investors Association of Albania



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