Majlinda Bregu

Minister of Integration

The Ministry of Integration has the pleasure to be part of this initiative by Nomiki Bibliothiki SA and Albanian Investment Development Agency for the publishing of a legal guide for persons and companies interested in investing in Albania. I strongly believe that ALBANIA LAW DIGEST - The Ultimate Legal Guide to investing in Albania provides a comprehensive overview of the Albanian business legislation and is very helpful to potential investors and to the advancement of foreign investments in our country.

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Eneida Guria

Chief Executive Officer of Albanian Investment Development Agency

It is with great pleasure that I introduce the first edition of the ALBANIA LAW DIGEST, a very thorough publication of the NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI SA.

In cooperation with the Albanian law firms, governmental institutions as well as the help of the Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA), the ALBANIA LAW DIGEST is an integrated and comprehensive law guide that gives wide-raging, up to date and structured information regarding the Albanian Legal System.

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Ilir Zhilla

Chairman of Union of Chambers of Commerce & Industry of Albania

Albania has put in place a liberal foreign investment regime and increasing FDI is a top priority for the GOA. The government has taken measures to improve the overall business climate in the country by streamlining business procedures through e-government reforms and undertaking comprehensive structural reforms to both improve relevant legislation in a variety of sectors and lower fiscal burdens for companies.

I present my compliments to NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI Group for this excellent initiative and hope to further our cooperation in the future.

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Marinela Jazoj

Executive Director of FIAA

Albania is undergoing big reforms in the ambit of the country’s EU integration process. As indicated in the latest statistical reports the economy will relatively survive the crisis, by expecting a slight GDP growth in the region of 2 per cent.

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Harry A. Karatzas


Business people around the world are very well aware that in order to successively realize an investment they need to get adequate and thorough legal support with a view to ensure that their investment is legally shielded. Hence, foreign investors need to have access to accurate information and receive to the point legal advice from long experienced legal professionals who systematically read, interpret and apply the laws and regulations of the hosting country.

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